My Artist’s Prayer

A few days ago I mentioned one of my early influences towards contemplation. Not only did she give me the gift of morning pages, Julia Cameron also challenged me to write a prayer. A dreaming aloud for the future life I hoped to live as an artist. Having recently found it, I began to pray it once again. At times, it feels far beyond me, but I pray it anyway. Today, I share it with you. Maybe it will lead you to create one of your own.

Creator God,

Thank you for making me creative.

Give me COURAGE to embrace Your gift. Give me COURAGE to live out your calling on my life to create.

May I walk in the wake of Your creative Spirit.

May I follow the example You set each day.

I am amazed by the stories You tell.

May I do my part to join You as a storyteller. May our stories change the lives of those who read them, and thereby change the world.

Remember me in my weakness and remind me of Your delight in me.

For I am Your creation.

Cast out all fear so that I may embrace You and thereby embrace life.

Guide my pen and my song.

For Your glory and my good in order to transform the world.


2 thoughts on “My Artist’s Prayer

  1. Awesome Truth. I love this. It touches all the bases in our lives. A walk with the Master is all we need to do and allow his Spirit to suffocate us. The dead lives through The Life (Christ) .

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