It’s Labor Day!

The U.S. government describes Labor day as constituting “a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.” So it makes sense to take a take a day to rest from our labor.

And yet I’m working. It’s brought to mind a conversation from this past weekend. While discussing Enneagram and how it’s helped me, my friend noted I used the word productive a lot. And she is right. I had noted something similar earlier that day in my journal.

I’ve not been happy with where I am in life for years. As a seven, I’ve flitted between my dreams like a moth following the light from room to room. It is not an effective way to accomplish anything. As a result of my discontent, I made a commitment to focus on one thing. Of course, life is a bit more complex than that and I’m working on several projects toward that end. I also feel like I’m behind which prompts me to irritation when I feel like I’ve wasted time.

So what did I do?

I decided to trade activity for activity. Anything that is not pushing me towards my goal must not only go, but be replaced by goal oriented labor – work on the house, writing, cleaning, study. It seemed wise, but I have learned it is unsustainable.

For one, those non goal oriented things are far easier to do. They don’t require much mental or physical energy. Some of them are in fact restful. In addition, I am reminded that creatively the well dries up when you draw unceasingly from it. Artists need time to fill the well, and that requires time to just be. Observe the world. Process. Meditate. Learn and experience new things. Rest.

So, while I had not originally planned to do so, I’m going to rest today instead of trying to pack in another day filled with labor.

Let’s all do some things today to fill the well!

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