Putting the Fruit Back


You don’ do what Adam do? Or say, “Baby, let’s put this back on the tree” ’cause we have everything we need.

– Kanye West, Everything We Need

These lyrics set the dominoes of inspiration in motion. Once again, I am the domino one removed from the source, and I am deeply thankful because my friend’s take on Kanye’s words opened my mind to something a little deeper. You may recall my mention of her desire to inspire and encourage through art at the coffee shop. One of the phrases to accomplish that task was “All you have is all you need”. It is this that she paired with the idea of putting the fruit, the forbidden fruit, back, and the more I thought about it the deeper it went.

I’ve spent a lot of time in recent months delving into the idea of the true self. True self is not a term I had when I started, but I gathered it along the way. It encompasses the created identity God gifted us with at birth. It’s who He created us to be. Much like Adam and Eve, He gifted us with all we would ever need. But also like Adam and Eve, we tried to become something else. To deal with the world around us, we put on a false self.

Part of my journey has led me to the Enneagram. As a tool, it has helped me to better see and understand my false self. In turn, it also helps me to see and uncover my true self. This is an act of putting back the fruit. It requires me to look at the promises of the false self. The promises of control. The promises of power. The promises of safety. I have to let them go. I have to put the fruit back and embrace who God made me to be.

I am learning right now, and I am only just beginning. What I can tell you is that it is an ongoing process. Every day is a process of facing the enemy, putting the fruit back and embracing the true self. It can be terrifying! It is also exhilarating! I feel I can also say He is faithful and, Yes, you have everything you need! Other than that, well, why don’t you join me on the journey and we’ll find out together.



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